Halifax Union Workhouse

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Halifax Union Workhouse (ref: C333) in Gibbet Street was built in 1837-1838 and had accommodation for 420 pauper inmates.

After the Lunacy Act (1890) and Mental Deficiency Act (1913) the hospital took in a large number of mental patients and was known as the 'Gibbet Street Institution'.

In 1930 the control of the institution passed from the Board of Guardians to the Public Assistance Committee of Halifax County Borough. A report by the Ministery of Health in 1945 noted the institution housed old and infirm persons. One of the patients was 102. It had 500 beds of which 272 were hospital beds.

There are creed registers for 1871-1876,1878- 1948, also registers of births 1891 -1932 and deaths 1891-1918, 1940-1956. Also patient registers 1930 - 1956 and admission and discharge registers 1965-1968. Access to some records may be restricted.

In 1948 the institution passed to the control of the Halifax hospital management committee and became St. John's Hospital, Halifax .

For more information about workhouses see www.workhouses.org.uk.