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The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

The following is a list of employment records found within the Harewood collection (Collection reference WYL250) held at WYAS Leeds.

Description Date WYAS Reference
Labourers’ day work book (shows days worked and wage of each man per week and work done per day) 1779-82 WYL250/3/222
Wage book of labourers at Goldsborough paid by John Dickinson 1781-4 WYL250/3/262
Servants’ wages receipt book 1784-6 WYL250/3/213
Labourers’ wage book, Plompton and Goldsbrough paid by William Popplewell – odd estate jobs, not farm labourers 1785-1820 WYL250/3/223
Labourers’ wages book 1786-96 WYL250/3/200
Servants’ wages receipt book (with 1792 list of servants giving wages and when they came) 1791-9 WYL250/3/214
Wages receipt book 1796-1803 WYL250/3/463
Workmens wages April 1802 WYL250/3/238
Labourer’s wage book (George Smith’s book) 1807-41 WYL250/3/251
Labourer’s wages 1842-4 WYL250/3/252
Carpenters’ wage book 1844-51 WYL250/3/240
Time and wage book of plumbers, bricklayers, masons and other workers at Harewood House 1845-51 WYL250/3/241
Part of labourers’ wages book 1845-6 WYL250/3/254
Northallerton district carpenters’ wage book (details of work done each week) 1847-53 WYL250/3/208
Labourers’ wages 1847-8 WYL250/3/253
Harewood district – masons’ wage book (recording work of each by fortnights) 1852-9 WYL250/3/210
Northallerton district – carpenter’s wage book 1853-60 WYL250/3/209
Garden account books (including lists of labourers’ wages) 1856-1866 WYL250/addnl/21/1-11
Various bills, labourers’ wages 1858 WYL250/3/343
Workmen wages sheets Feb-Apr 1863 WYL250/addnl/26/5
Time and wages of workmen on the Harewood Estate 1869, 1883 WYL250/3/345
Workmens’ time and wages 1869,1874, 1882-3 WYL250/3/340
Day wages 1871-2 WYL250/3/338
Time and wages of workmen on the Harewood estate 1871-4, 1881-2 WYL250/3/311
Garden account, gardener’s and labourers’ wages 1872-1873 WYL250/addnl/21/13
Plompton Game accounts (wages) 1872-1873 WYL250/addnl/129
Kennel accounts (wages) 1872-3 WYL250/addnl/22
Stables account (wages) 1872-3 WYL250/addnl/24/1
Labourers’ wages 1872-3 WYL250/addnl/26/9
Labourer’s wages (fortnightly) 1873-4 WYL250/3/324
Labourers’ wages 1881-2 WYL250/3/333
Labourers’ wages 1881-3 WYL250/3/336
Gamekeeper’s wages book 1894-5 WYL250/addnl/130
Harewood estate wages sheets 1903 WYL250/addnl/26/10
Garden accounts (wages) 1905 WYL250/addnl/21/14
Harewood estate wages sheets 1910 WYL250/addnl/26/11
Harelles Trust Ltd wage book 1932 WYL250/addnl/26/12
Harelles Trust Ltd, Plompton District wage sheets 1932 WYL250/addnl/134
Home Farm wages book(1933 + 1938 missing) 1932-1940 WYL250/addnl/19/1
Harelles Trust Ltd wage sheets 1934-5 WYL250/addnl/26/13
Lascelles estate, Plompton District wage sheets (Harelles Trust Ltd in 1934) 1934-7 WYL250/addnl/135
Estate office account (wages) 1935-7 WYL250/addnl/26/14
Harewood eatate Game account (wages) 1938 WYL250/addnl/20
Garden accounts (wages) 1938 WYL250/addnl/21/15
Stables, Houses, Stud accounts (wages) 1938 WYL250/addnl/24/3
Lascelles Estate, wages and management book 1938-44 WYL250/addnl/26/15
Goldsborough estate wage sheets 1938-9 WYL250/addnl/136
Lascelles Estate wage sheets 1939 WYL250/addnl/26/16