Doncaster Polling Districts 1965-1973

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This is a list of polling districts within the Doncaster electoral registration division from 1965-1973.

The Polling District appears in bold and townships within each District are listed below it. The Polling Districts are given here in alphabetical order, although this may not be the order in which they appear in the electoral register. It should help to note which Polling District a place appears in to make searching through the electoral registers an easier task.

Dated entries indicate when townships were re-named as wards or parts of wards (or occassionally when the Polling Districts had other places added to them). Each Polling District was assigned a letter or number of letters which usually remains the same from one year to the next.

Doncaster Division Q.D. (qualifying date) 1964-1972


  • Doncaster: Balby ward


  • Doncaster: Bessacarr ward


  • Doncaster: Central ward


  • Doncaster: Hexthorpe ward

Hyde Park

  • Doncaster: Hyde Park ward


  • Doncaster: Intake ward

St George's

  • Doncaster: St George's ward

St John's

  • Doncaster: St John's ward

Town Field

  • Doncaster: Town Field ward


  • Doncaster: Westfield ward


  • Doncaster: Wheatley ward


  • Doncaster: Woodfield ward

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