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This is a backup copy of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and is currently unavailable. Editing and account creation are disabled.

The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

Description Date Catalogue Reference
Mr Battye, solicitor, pocket book and diary 1838 KC315
Henry Berry, Shelley, diary (entitled "Account of things") 1864-1881 S/SM/1/6
J. Blackburn & Co. Ltd., woollen manufacturers, also James Beaumont, joiner, includes diary containing religious notes and observations (probably belonged to Samuel Beaumont) 1872 KC197
Frank Bonser, Deighton, diaries 1977-1991 KC854
Hannah Briggs (nee Heaton), Birstall, papers, including diaries 1865-1995 KC753
William Carr, doctor, magistrate and antiquarian, of Gomersal House, and

later of Ditchingham Hall, Norfolk, diary

1867-1902 DD/CA/6
Francis William Cawthra, Bell Street, off Newsome Road, Huddersfield,


1914 (January to October, just a few entries from November) KC815/9
John S Crossley, Huddersfield, diary extracts re Ramsden Street Chapel (copied by his son, Frank Crossley, in 1902) 1843-1848 KC150
John Dawson, excise officer in London and Kent, journal 1692-1765 KC688
Eli Exley, millworker and Liberal activist, Kirkburton, record of local

and national events

1847-1893 KC168
Adam Eyre of Haslehead, an officer in the army under General Fairfax,

diary and accounts. (Part has been published by the Surtees Society, vol 65, edited H J Morehouse, 1875)

1641-1688 (mainly for 1647-1649); KC312/5/3
Albert Field, Skelmanthorpe, journal (transcript) 1852-1861 KX320
Victor Hardy, private, Rifle Brigade, diary relating to his first

weeks in the Army (photocopies)

1915 KC327
Crosland Hirst, Longwood (of firm of C & J Hirst) diaries 1885-1897 KC592/7/1 - 7/l2
James Hirst, weaver, Worts Hill, Pole Moor, diary and notes (photocopies); also extracts from diary c1899 1795-1897 KX390 and KC592/2/9
George Horton, diary of 22 day voyage aboard the "Agadir" to coast of

Morocco and Grand Canary (photocopies)

1910 KC614/1/35
Ralph Jepson, weaver, diary mainly re his religious work 1879-1880 KX415
Sir John Lister Kaye of Denby Grange, diaries (photocopies)

including detailed accounts of his journeys in North America 1884-1890

1883-1896 KX276
Florence Lockwood, feminist and Liberal activist, Linthwaite, war diaries 1914-1920 KC329 and KC909
William Mallinson & Sons, builders and quarry owners, Lockwood and Crosland Moor, business diaries 1894-1904 KC999
Robert Meeke, clergyman, Slaithwaite, transcript of the surviving parts of his diaries by Mary and Margaret Freeman 1689-1704 KX367
Moldgreen Congregational Church, records including diaries 1865-1992 WYK1113
Rev John Murgatroyd, Lingards, master of Slaithwaite Free School to

1786, diaries (7 vols) and notebooks 1768-1791 containing some diary entries (2 vols)

1781-1804 KC242
John Nowell, scientist and antiquarian, Farnley Tyas, weather diaries 1854-1869 KC312/13/3-4
Sir John William Ramsden of Byram and Longley, business diary relating

to the Huddersfield Estate

1899-1910 DD/R/C/vol 1
Rev William Sagar, curate of Meltham, "diary" (basically memoranda and

accounts) (transcript by Philip Ahier, made from a copy in commonplace book of William Sykes)

1729-1767 DD/AH/95
Beaumont Stephenson, Canada, diary re life in Canada and return to

England (transcript by Clifford Stephenson)

1906 KC668/1
W B Stocks, railway enthusiast, Huddersfield, dairies 1943 and 1946 re

Second World War and its aftermath; also diary 1977-1978 re the Huddersfield Light Railway which he built in his back garden

1943-1978 KC435/1/1-3
Eleanor Sykes, teacher, Netherton, daries 1921-1975, and diary of trip to

USA on Concorde

1979 KC520/28 and 31
George Sykes, artist, Huddersfield, diary 1886 KC520/17
William Sykes, schoolmaster of South Crosland, notebooks (photocopies and transcripts) 1752-1803 KX256
Mrs. Polly Taylor, diary 1951-1963 KC1056/29
G Norman Tapp, scout master, Liversedge, diary 1913 S/SVS/28
Catherine Thackray, CND member, Huddersfield "Diary of a Provincial

Peace Woman or Carry Greenham Home"

1983-1984 KC378/8/1
Richard Tolson, Leeds, diary from the time of his going to

school in Holland in 1776 (written in English in German script)

1776-1784 DD/TO/2
Richard Tolson, Leeds, diaries of his business journeys to Holland,

Germany, and Flanders (4 volumes)

1779-1794 DD/TO/3-6
William Turner, diary , mainly about births and deaths in

Huddersfield and district, but includes some other information (transcript by Philip Ahier)

1750-1772 DD/AH/88
Fred Unpleby, boy scout, Cleckheaton, dairy 1914 S/SVS/29
Joe William Wilson, tinsmith, Lockwood, two "diaries" - first contains

historical notes about Huddersfield (mainly births and deaths) 1827-1869; second contains notes about deaths 1888-1920 mainly in Huddersfield district

1827-1920 B/JWW/1-2
Joseph Wood, Quaker Minister, Birdsedge, diaries 1773-1820 KX400
Book of notes and accounts late 16 cent to early 18 cent, including

diary for a few days in 1704 about an attack of gout (2 pages only)

Late 16 cent to early 18 cent DD/WBE/I/130
Two pages entitled "Diary at London etc 1712", comprising short diary

entries in cipher and accounts of items bought

1712 DD/WBH/40
Weather diary (possibly belonged to Peter Carter of Marsden?) 1833-1863 KC391/17
Diary, probably of Samuel Beaumont, joiner and builder, Batley, includes religious notes and observations 1872 KC197/81