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This is a backup copy of the West Yorkshire Archive Service's "Off the Record" wiki from 2015. The live went offline in 2016 and is currently unavailable. Editing and account creation are disabled.

The following source list was originally available only on paper in one of the West Yorkshire Archive Service offices. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. It was designed to act as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject, but may relate only to one West Yorkshire district, or be an incomplete list of sources available. Please feel free to add or update with any additional information.

Official Records

Clayton West Local Board and UDC minutes 1877-1938, UD/CW

Building plans numbered 1-91, from 1914-1938;

Register of dwelling houses, 1933;

Ledger 1934-1940;

Valuation list 1934-1949;

Surveyors reports 1925-1936

Clayton West School Board minutes, 1883-1904 UDD/C/SB

Cumberworth Local Board minutes 1862-1894, UDD/CU

Valuations 1885-1928;

Rates 1900-1920

Denby Local Board minutes 1863-1894, UDD/D

Rates 1890-1915

Denby and Cumberworth UDC minutes 1894-1938, UDD/DC

Valuations 1929-1939;

Rates 1897-1925;

Joint Sewage register 1906-1935;

Ledgers 1932-1938;

Building plans 1920-1938 (includes High Flatts)

Denby Dale UDC minutes 1939-1974 UDD

Building plans 1938-1948;

Surveyors report 1941-1951;

Rates and valuations 1950-1956;

Ledgers 1950s-1960s;

Financial 1950s-1960s,

Miscellaneous schools and housing files 1960-1974;

Book of declaration of acceptance of office 1968-1973 KA103

Medical Officer of Health reports 1958-1971 KA177

Denby School, handbill announcing appointment of new master and course of instruction 1853 KC487

Emley British School, records 1852-1908 including minutes of trustees 1852-1907, West Riding Education Committee minutes 1904-1908 WYK1156

Emley Local Board and UDC minutes 1872-1938 UDD/E

Rates 1934-1949

Ledgers 1932-1938

Building plans 1897-1938

Skelmanthorpe Local Board and UDC 1863-1939 UDD/S

Building plans 1913-1938;

Ledgers 1926-1939;

Bye laws 1915-1938;

Valuations 1884-1950

Skelmanthorpe School Board minutes 1878-1904 UDD/S/SB

Official records cont

Upper Agbrigg Joint Planning Committee Minutes 1946-1948 (ref KA69)

Kirklees MDC Environmental Health, files re Denby Dale Pies 1964 and 1988 including minutes of meetings, reports of Medical Officer of Health, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, medical reports on people involved (ref KA101)

Kirklees MDC and predecessor authorities, compensation notices under Town and Country Planning Acts 1955-1988 (ref KA140)

Kirklees Metropolitan District Council, election records 1991 for elections to Denby Dale Parish Council (ref KA148)

Medical Officer of Health reports for Denby Dale UDC 1958-1971 (ref KA177)

Nonconformist records

Clayton West Primitive Methodist Circuit, records 1858-1975 NM/DD/CW and KC710

Denby Dale and Clayton West Methodist Circuit, records 1954-1993 NM/DD/CW, KC362and WYK1129

Denby Dale Primitive Methodist Church, records 1852-1966 including BAPTISMS 1918-1962, minutes 1909-1966, Sunday School records 1915-1946 WYK1514

Denby Dale Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, records 1849-1975 comprising minutes 1871-1954, circuit plans 1849-1904, financial records 1849-1977 NM/DD/CW and KC710

Denby Dale Centenary Wesleyan Methodist Church, records 1881-1977 including BAPTISMS 1883-1918, minutes 1881-1977, Sunday School records 1886-1975, Temperance Society and Band of Hope records 1903-1928, Wesley Guild minutes 1933-1969 NM/DD/CW, KC633 and WYK1131

Denby Dale and District Free Church Council, constitution and list of members 1908-1909 KC399

Lower Cumberworth Primitive Methodist Church minutes 1912-1930 WYK1132

Snowgatehead Primitive Methodist Church records 1936-2002 including Sunday School hymnsheets, baptism register 1947-2002, marriage registers 1936-1979 WYK1158

Thurlstone Wesleyan Methodist Church, records 1961-1984 including baptismal register 1961-1984 WYK1130

Business records

John Brownhill, woollen and worsted spinners, manufacturers of cashmere, Denby Dale, wages book 1915-1927 B/B

Crosland and Fenton, solicitors, Huddersfield, and successors clients' papers 1360-20th century including Norton family, Nortonthorpe Hall at Scissett, Bagden Hall at Clayton West, and Rockwood House at Denby Dale, business and family papers including papers re Norton Bros and Co Ltd (later G H Norton and Co Ltd), fancy woollen manufacturers, Nortonthorpe and Cuttlehurst Mills, Scissett; Storthes Hall Estate papers 1360-1955; deeds re Brawby, Great Barugh and Salton in North Riding; Battye and Hesp, solicitors, Huddersfield; British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd, aniline dye manufacturers, Huddersfield; Tinker Brothers, coke manufacturers, Hazlehead, Hepworth; John Fligg Brigg, wool merchant, Huddersfield; Crowther family, Marsden; Sir Thomas Freeman Firth, carpet manufacturer, Heckmondwike; Robert MacShaw, mayor of Huddersfield; James Nield Sykes, card manufacturer, Lindley, KC632 (unlisted except for Storthes Hall Estate papers)

Denby Grange Colliery, records 1829-1894 including ledger 1829-1835, photographs c.1893 B/DGC and KX258

Jonathan Gant of Denby, shoemaker, will 1724 DD/GA

John Holmes and Sons, joiners, Springfield Works, Denby Dale, photograph of workers c1887-1888 (ref KX363)

Jonas Kenyon and Sons Ltd, fancy woollen manufacturers, later worsted manufacturers, Denby Dale, records 1816-1968 including administrative records 1903-1949, deeds c1816-1966, financial records 1863-1968, wages books 1886-1933, records re industrial relations 1883-1931; William Henry Kenyon, inventor and machine maker, Denby Dale, records re patents 1883-1910; Kenyon family, records 1880-1971 including election posters and leaflets 1900-1971 KC799, KC1004 and KX363

Lee and Priestley, solicitors, Pudsey, deeds 1765-1972 re property in Denby 1765-1904, Birstall 1839-1972 B/LP

Family records

Burdett family of Denby, manorial records for Denby and High Hoyland (photocopies) 1334-1638 including manor court rolls 1431-1613, deeds re Denby and district 15th century - 1607 KX252 and KX263

“Jacksons of Skelmanthorpe”, publication by Donald Jackson, 1998 includes history of Jackson family and Skelmanthorpe area KX393

Skelmanthorpe families extracted from Shelley Bank Bottom Methodist baptisms 1787-1829 and Denby Dale Methodist baptisms 1799-1818, produced by S. Sheead (photocopy) KX385

G W Tomlinson Collection (addnl) compiled 19th century, including pedigrees of Yorkshire families, notes and transcriptions re Fenay Hall and the Fenay family, transcriptions of deeds re property of Byland Abbey in Denby and Briestwistle (Briestfield) KC579

Tom Wainwright, Skelmanthorpe, papers re history of Denby Dale and Skelmanthorpe and district 20th century KC490 and KC377


Ancient Order of Foresters, Clayton West, Court Undaunted no 819, scroll of honour c.1919 and plan of five closets to be built at Exley Gate, near Denby Dale n.d. KC371

Maps and surveys

Cumberworth, map showing Cumberworth Half, Scissett, Skelmanthorpe, Upper and Lower Cumberworth, Denby Dale 1839

Denby Dale with Clayton West, enclosure award and map 1804

Savile Estate, sale plan and particulars for property at Denby Dale, 1932 KC886

Skelmanthorpe, Lower Denby, and Clayton West, sale plans (photocopies) 19th century KX261

Skelmanthorpe Survey, 1909, taken by Skelmanthorpe Working Men’s Club, copied by S. Sheead (photocopy) KX384

Township papers

Denby township, records 1772-1875 comprising overseers', surveyors' and constables' accounts 1772-1801, vestry minutes 1841-1867, day labour accounts 1865-1875 KC735


Denby, deed 1650 (photocopy) KX352

Denby Dale, poetical souvenir re Pie 1928 KC709

Emley Parish records 1841-1880 including Sunday School, and songsheet (WYK1155)