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The following is a concordance converting the former collection references (using abbreviations based on collection titles) to the current references for collections held by WYAS Leeds.

The WYL references were created in 2002.

Former Reference Current Reference Collection Title
AC WYL1084 Aireborough Methodist Circuit Records
AM WYL647 Armstrong Midgley, Solicitors, Leeds, Clients Records
AT WYL548 Arthington Trust (Foreign Missions), Records
AUEW WYL1236 Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (T.A.S.S.), Leeds Branch, Minutes
B WYL25 Baynes Family of Knostrop Hall, Deeds
B&B WYL466 Barron and Barron, Surveyors, York, Maps
BB WYL104 S and J Bailey, Mining Engineers, Birmingham, Mining Plans
BF WYL119 Bacon Frank of Campsall, Antiquarian Papers
BHCC WYL832 Beeston Hill Congregational Church, Records
BL WYL132 Bilton Park (Watson Family), Records
BN&S WYL295 Brooke North and Goodwin, Solicitors, Leeds, Clients' Records
BO WYL623 Humphrey Boyle, Leeds, Letters Including Prison Letters To Richard Carlile, 1821-1828 (Photocopies)
BR WYL490 Leeds Brunswick Methodist Circuit Records
BRA Various WYL references British Records Association
BS WYL58 Leeds Bazaar and Shambles Joint Stock Estate, Papers
BRO WYL442 James Brown, Potternewton and Gipton Estate, Papers
BT WYL166 Bethell Family of Swindon Hall, Kirkby Overblow, Deeds etc
BW Z241 (formerly WYL1833) Battie Wrightson Estate Papers (Photocopies) [Transferred to WYAS Wakefield]
C WYL19 Crompton Estate Deeds
CA WYL47 James Carr, Attorney of Birstall, Precedent Books
CAB [de-accessioned – Records Management] Citizen’s Advice Bureau
CC WYL555 Church Commissioners
CCAB [de-accessioned – Records Management] Chapeltown Citizen’s Advice Bureau
CGF WYL1815 Chorley, Gribbon and Foggitt, Architects, Leeds, Practice Records
CL WYL98 Clarke MSS - Rev Henry Crooke, Vicar of Kippax and Curate of Hunslet, Diaries
CLCC WYL863 City of Leeds and Carnegie College Records
CMCC WYL934 Leeds Cambridge Methodist Cricket Club, Records
CSGBI WYL824 Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Records
DB WYL160 Dibb Lupton, Solicitors, Leeds, Clients' Records
DK WYL80 Dickson deeds - Yeadon Deeds
DT WYL219 Earls of Dartmouth (West Riding) Family and Estate Archive
DW WYL163 Dawson of Langcliffe Hall, Family and Estate Archive
EW WYK1090 Extract Wool [Transferred to WYAS Kirklees 2001]
FA WYL333 Farrer and Company, Land Agents of Oulton, Records
F WYL77 Dr William Farrer, Notes and Transcripts of Medieval Records Relating to Yorkshire
FO WYL176 Messrs Foyster, Solicitors of Manchester: Foster Family Deeds
GA Various WYL references General Archives
GB WYL298 Greenwood and Batley, Engineers, Leeds, Records
GC WYL115 Gascoigne of Parlington, Family and Estate Archive
GL WYL33 Glover and Bilborough Family Papers
GR WYL210 Grimston Park, Tadcaster (Fielden Family) Estate Records
GS WYL84 Gilliatt Sumner Collected Deeds
GT WYL762 Grand Theatre, Leeds, Records
GW WYL1150 Greenwood and Walsh Limited, Woollen Manufacturers, Morley, Records
GYC WYL1367 Designer Makers North and Guild of Yorkshire Craftsmen, Records
H WYL74 Holroyds, Dyers, Sheepscar, Leeds, Records
HAR WYL250 Lascelles Family, Earls of Harewood, Family and Estate Collection
HC WYL789 Headingley Methodist Circuit, Records
HD WYL790 Hathorn Davey and Co (Now Sulzers), Engineers, Hunslet, Records
HE WYL68 Healaugh Estate (Brooksbank Family) Records
HH LC/HOR Horsforth Health (now part of Horsforth UDC records)
HHCC WYL918 Headingley Hill Congregational Church Records
HO WYL83 Horsfield Collection - Leeds Deeds
HOC WYL1225 Horsforth Methodist Circuit Records
HS WYL138 Hellewell and Sutton, Solicitors, Gomersal, Clients' Records
HPRC WYL1797 Hyde Park Recreation Club, Leeds, Records
HS&B WYL302 Hudson Sykes and Bousfield, Woollen Manufacturers, Leeds and Morley, Records
HU WYL70 Hunslet Deeds etc
HW WYL292 Hollis and Webb, Surveyors, Auctioneers and Estate Agents of Leeds, Records
II WYL1202 Illingworth Ingham and Co, School Furnishers, Leeds, Catalogue of Desks etc
IM WYL1111 Ingleby Motors, Electric Motor Manufacturers and Repairers, Leeds, Records
IRV WYL662 Inland Revenue - HM Inspectors of Taxes, Records
JA WYL69 Hart Jackson And Sons, Solicitors of Ulverston, Deeds and Papers
JC WYL87 John Crosfill - Leeds Temperance Society, Minutes
JRC WYL5044 Leeds Jewish Refugees Committee, Records
KA WYL20 Kirkstall Abbey, Deeds
KC WYL101 Dr Ina Kitson Clark, Papers Chiefly Re Health, Welfare and Education
KF WYL76 Kirkstall Forge Engineering Limited, Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Records
KN WYL1012 Peculiar of Knaresborough (Honour Court), Wills, Administrations and Inventories
KPS WYL1754 Kirkstall Power Station, Boiler House, Watch and Control Room Logs
KRC WYL1372 Kippax Restoration Committee, Records
KS WYL720 Ernest Kilburn Scott, Articles, Notes etc re Leeds History
LA WYL122 James Lambert, Solicitor of Bradford, Deeds and Papers
LBWA WYL705 Leeds Babies Welcome Association, Records
LCAB [de-accessioned – Records Management] Leeds Citizen’s Advice Bureau
LCC WYL1612 Leeds Camera Club, Records
LCCCH WYL876 Leeds and County Conservative Club House Co Limited, Records
LCCJ WYL1835 Leeds Council of Christians and Jews, Correspondence Files
LCES WYL1677 Leeds Church Extension Society, Minute Books
LCG WYL775 Leeds Consumer Group, Records
LCHCA WYL1120 Leeds Children's Holiday Camp Association
LCI WYL1000 Leeds Church Institute Records
LCSS WYL507 Leeds Council of Social Service and Voluntary Action Leeds Records
LD WYL170 Ledston Hall (Wheeler Family, Formerly Hastings and Medhurst Families) Records
LDHF WYL816 Leeds and District Hospital Fund, Minute Books
LDPA WYL1017 Leeds Discharged Prisoners Aid Society, Minutes
LDWW WYL1141 Leeds Methodist District, Women's Work Records
LF WYL72 Lane Fox of Bramham Park, Family and Estate Archive
LFC WYL922 Leeds Fireclay Company Limited, Farnley, Records
LHF WYL816 Leeds and District Hospital Fund, Minute Books
LIBP WYL456 Yorkshire Liberal Federation and Leeds Liberal Federation
LICS WYL1121 Leeds Industrial Cooperative Society Limited, Records
LMC WYL1672 Leeds Metropolitan Council of Churches, Records
LMF WYL201 Leeds Triennial Musical Festival, Records
LMI WYL368 Leeds Mechanics Institution and Literary Society, Records
LMU WYL711 Musicians Union, Leeds Branch, Records
LNE WYL949 Leeds North East Methodist Circuit Records
LP WYL853 City of Leeds Labour Party, Records
LPBS WYL1613 Leeds Permanent Building Society, Sale Particulars
LPO WYL1142 Leeds and District Property Owners and Ratepayers Association
LS WYL880 Leeds South Methodist Circuit Records
LSE WYL543 Leeds Stock Exchange, Minutes and Other Records
LTC WYL576 Leeds Trades Council, Records
LU WYL136 Francis Lupton, Leeds, Papers
LW WYL701 Leeds West Methodist Circuit Records
LWWWC WYL1701 Leeds Wounded Warriors Welfare Committee, Records
MC WYL899 Middleton Colliery, Records (Formerly Brandling Family of Gosforth, Northumberland)
MD WYL67 Leeds City Museum, Records
MOH WYL736 Society of Medical officers of Health, Yorkshire Branch, Minutes and Other Records
MP WYL260 Peculiar of Masham, Records
MR WYL269 Methodist Church Marriage Registers
MUS WYL67 Leeds City Museum, Records
MW WYL1058 Papers of W Musgrave Wood re Leeds Civil Defence
MX WYL156 Earls of Mexborough (Savile Family), Family and Estate Archive
NALGO WYL898 National and Local Government officers Association, Leeds Branch, Records
NC WYL523 Nostell Colliery Company Limited, Records
NCB WYL186 National Coal Board and Predecessor Bodies
NFPB WYL855 Northern Friends Peace Board, Records
NH WYL5013 Newby Hall Family and Estate Archive
NP WYL1352 Nostell Priory (Winn Family), Barons St Oswald, Family and Estate Archive
NPO WYL462 Northern Philharmonic Orchestra Limited, Records
NUVB WYL696 National Union of Vehicle Builders, Records
O WYL36 Oates Family of Leeds, Records
OC WYL1165 Otley Methodist Circuit, Records
OKF WYL1302 Oliver Kitchen and Flynn, Estate Agents, Leeds, Records
OOBC WYL784 Headingley Original Oak Bowling Club, Minutes and Other Records
OP WYL59 Leeds Oxford Place Wesleyan Chapel, Circuit and Mission Records
P WYL75 Priestley Brothers, Card Manufacturers and Engineers, Halifax and Leeds, Records
PC WYL518 Pudsey and Farsley Methodist Circuit Records
PHGS LC/ED200 Otley Prince Henry's Grammar School
PR WYL79 Proctor Collection of Apprenticeship, Settlement and Removal Papers etc
R WYL35 Ribston, Deeds
RA WYL109 Ramsden of Byram and Huddersfield, Family and Estate Archive
RAZ WYL109 Rockingham Letters - Ramsden of Byram and Huddersfield, Family and Estate Archive
RAD WYL280 Radcliffe of Rudding Park, Family and Estate Archive
RH WYL814 Leeds Richmond Hill Methodist Circuit, Records
RHQ WYL48 Rawdon Hill Stone Quarry, Weardley, Records
RL WYL22 Leeds Reference Library, Collected Deeds For The West Riding and Elsewhere
2RL WYL22 (2nd deposit) Leeds Reference Library, Collected Deeds For The West Riding and Elsewhere
SA WYL92 Selby Abbey Cartulary, Transcript
SBD WYL313 Privy Council Committee On Education, School Building Grant Plans For The West Riding
SC WYL149 Robert Sunter, Publisher, York, Correspondence Received
SC WYL1320 Samuel Cheesbrough of Kippax, Papers Re Local History
SK WYL37 Skipton Deeds
SLLP WYL1257 South Leeds Labour Party, Records
SO WYL71 Soyland Deeds
SS WYL78 Samuel Smiles and Family, Correspondence
ST WYL500 Stansfield of Esholt, Family and Estate Archive
SYM WYL218 John Alexander Symington, Collected Historical, Literary and Political Records
TA WYL1015 Thorp Arch Estate and Gossip Family Records
TC WYL1019 Tadcaster Methodist Circuit Records
TE WYL189 Records Of Alfred Smith, Surveyor, Little Preston Re The Manor Of Temple Newsam
TH WYL46 Thornton Collection of Deeds
TM WYL256 Temple Hirst Estate, Deeds and Papers
TN WYL100 Temple Newsam Family and Estate Archive
UCTA WYL995 United Commercial Travellers Association of Great Britain and Ireland, Leeds Branch, Records
UP WYL96 Upton of Ingmire Hall, Deeds etc
VAV WYL245 Vavasour of Hazlewood, Family and Estate Records
VR WYL150 Vyner of Studley Royal, Family and Estate Archive
W WYL1 John Wilson and Sons, Linen Manufacturers, Leeds, Records
WA WYL2 Walker Brothers, Maltsters, Holbeck, Records
WDCC WYL1259 Wetherby and District Conservative Club, Records
WF WYL145 Edward J Walker, Collected Material For A History of Halifax Including Some Documents
WG WYL103 Wetherby Grange Estate, Deeds
WH WYL639 Weston Hall Records (Dawson Family and Estate Archive)
WHH WYL106 White Chapel Hunslet Lane, Deeds
WHS WYL1487 Wetherby Historical Society, Miscellaneous Collections
WRCL WYL748 West Riding County Library - Pudsey Collection, Papers Relating To Pudsey Public Affairs
W(S) WYL2049 Earl of Westmorland, Sharlston Estate Records
WS KC811 + KC927 Walker Smith [Transferred to WYAS Kirklees]
WTH WYL1243 Woodhouse Temperance Hall and Institute, Records
WW WYL776 Wood Wordsworth and Co, Organ Builders, Leeds, Records
WYSA WYL1632 West Yorkshire Society of Architects Records
Y WYL22 Leeds Reference Library, Collected Deeds For The West Riding and Elsewhere
YB WYL1896 Yorkshire Bank Limited
YBH WYL770 Yorkshire Band of Hope Union, Minutes and Other Records
YCF WYL1222 Yorkshire Cricket Federation (Yorkshire Cricket Association), Records
YCS WYL825 Yorkshire Conchological Society Records
YCU WYL777 Yorkshire Congregational Union Records
YEB WYL1082 Yorkshire Electricity Board, Records of Former Leeds City Electricity Department
YES WYL1151 Yorkshire Engineering Supplies Limited, Bronze Founders, Wortley, Records
YIM WYL644 Yorkshire Imperial Metals, Stourton, Records
YLCE WYL5045 Yorkshire Ladies Council of Education Minutes and Other Records
YLF WYL456 Yorkshire Liberal Federation and Leeds Liberal Federation, Minutes and Other Records
YNC WYL643 Yorkshire Naturalists Club, Minutes, Accounts and Correspondence
YNU WYL643 Yorkshire Naturalists Union, Minutes and Other Records
YPSW WYL288 Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co Limited, Leeds, Records
YSG WYL1043 Yorkshire Switchgear and Engineering Co Limited, Leeds, Records
YTFW WYL1625 Yorkshire Training Fund For Women Records
YVS WYL1005 Yorkshire Veterinary Society, Minutes and Other Records
YWA WYL1586 Yorkshire Water Authority