Bentley Street Wesleyan Reform Church, Lockwood

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Was established by Wesleyan Reformers who seceded from Lockwood Wesleyan Methodist Church 1850-1851.

Wesleyan premises in Crosland's Mill were retained by the Wesleyan Reformers 1850-1851 and the congregation became part of the United Methodist Free Church in 1863.

A chapel was built in Bentley Street between 1864-1865 and a Sunday School was built behind the church 1884-1885. The chapel was subsequently rebuilt between 1923-1924.

The congregation ceased to use the chapel for worship and used the Sunday School instead from 1987 before the church closed in 1991.

Records relating to this collection can be found at the West Yorkshire Archive Service: Kirklees under the reference numbers NM/HSC, KC656, KC715, KC784, KC808/2/14